Diverse Builders – It’s All About You!

15 March 2023

At Diverse Builders, we combine a quality-driven attitude with a customer-centric approach, and this allows us to offer a personalised service that far exceeds all expectations.

While many builders prioritise the actual building process, we take time to understand you, your family, your needs and wants, and place equal importance on the pre-build process.

The essential discovery meeting

After you reach out to us, the first step will be to meet with our New Home Consultant. This meeting is all about exploring your options – you may wish to consider our range of all-inclusive standard house plans, which can be adapted to suit your requirements. Or, you may want to start from scratch, working with our team through our design & construct service.

It’s in this meeting that we dive deep into your motivations for building your new home. All of our questions are designed to build a picture of who you are, what you’re looking for, and how we can best bring your vision to life, while remaining within budget and delivering on time.


A collaborative effort to find the perfect match.

When designing or selecting a new home, the options can sometimes be overwhelming! We will guide you through the process of separating potential design features into ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. The latter are the things you won’t do without – an ensuite in the master bedroom, for example, or open-plan living areas. These are the elements that your budget must cover. In contrast, your ‘wants’ aren’t necessary, but would be nice to have! These could include certain materials, or design features like a mud room or study. These will be included should they work within your budget.

Throughout this process, we will use our expertise to make sure we can include all your ‘needs’ and as many ‘wants’ as possible, suggesting solutions or alternatives where possible.  Our range of all-inclusive standard house plans go beyond the standard offering of other project builders, allowing your budget to go further.


Not just what, but who?

During these initial discussions, our New Homes Consultant Mitch doesn’t just focus on what is included in your new home, but who it will be serving. He makes sure he understands your family dynamic, including your weekly routine, current pain points, and plans for the future. This could include a need for additional working spaces as you work from home, or space for multi generations as parents age or children transition into teenagers.


Dedicated to listen, understand and deliver.

It takes an understanding and dedicated builder to prioritise the individual and their personal needs with each project. It’s our belief that every home should be uniquely designed to match the lifestyle of its occupants in order for them to be comfortable and at home. We make the time to meet with you to discuss your plans and visions in depth, giving you plenty of opportunity to develop ideas, ask questions, and understand our process. This way we ensure clarity and understanding throughout the build stage.

We care about the finer details because we love what we do. We’re passionate and driven and pride ourselves on our attention to detail, clear communication, and the way we approach your build with the utmost focus and care from start to finish.

That is why Diverse Builders only commits to a limited number of projects each year to ensure you receive the care and attention your build deserves while never compromising efficiency or quality.

Diverse Builders works to understand your individual needs, so let’s find your perfect match!

2023 site starts are still available. Contact us today to make the first step.

Let's find your perfect match.

We don't just build houses. We craft homes, tailored to you and your unique lifestyle. Get in touch today to discuss your project and start building your dream.