Understanding estimates and pricing. Don’t be fooled.

09 August 2023

The decision to build a new home is a significant one, and it’s important to approach it with careful consideration and a discerning eye. While the idea of a fresh start in a brand-new home is appealing, potential homeowners must be cautious not to fall victim to marketing tactics that can lead to regrettable decisions. Learn more below about the Diverse Difference when it comes to estimates and pricing. Initially, it may seem higher, but our pricing is upfront and transparent from the very beginning with all costs included.

“Starting From” Pricing

The starting price advertised by builders might be a stripped-down version of the home without site costs and essential features, and sometimes this doesn’t even include floor coverings!

Diverse builders are not volume builders, and will never use these tactics to entice clients. Our pre-designed plans have base pricing however a final estimate or quote will always depend on your unique situation and site requirements which we extensively research and include allowances for. This is why we focus heavily on sitting down with you and personally understanding your situation, your lifestyle and how you will use your future home.

By adding upgrades within a home, the price can quickly rise, however, to avoid these higher upgrade prices, always compare standard inclusions a builder offers. Diverse offers a premium choice and designer feel within their inclusions as standard, so hefty price upgrades are not necessary.

    Hidden Fees and Extra Costs

    Builders might downplay or omit certain fees during initial presentations. Common hidden costs include site costs, planning, utility connections, energy rating requirements and specific engineering requirements for your block of land just to name a few.

    At Diverse Builders, in our discovery appointments and concept phases we provide full allowances for such costs in the estimate at the very beginning to allow for minimal unexpected costs after your site investigations are complete and your final quote is presented before contract signing. This way, our sale team conduct their own due diligence and completely understand your project and site giving you full transparency and upfront pricing from the beginning.

      Customising your plan and tailoring it to you

      A home is a very large investment that needs to be treated with care and consideration. It needs to suit your needs and lifestyle to be comfortable all year round. Most builders will charge you for every change you make to one of their home plans or at times, will not allow modifications at all. Do your research and find a builder that understands you and your vision.

      Diverse Builders offers two unique pathways to our clients. This is either a pre-designed or a custom design and construct journey. Even our pre-designed plans have outlined agreements that are explained to you in your discovery meeting, stating how we offer flexibility to ensure you can make changes to best tailor your new home to your needs. The best part is the revisions included are within our agreement pricing which is deducted from your initial deposit price after contract signing.

      Navigating the world of new home construction requires a cautious approach that goes beyond the surface-level allure of marketing tactics. Don’t be swayed by limited-time offers or glamorous model homes without delving into the details and understanding the true costs and implications. Take your time, do your research, consult with professionals, and ensure that the decision you make aligns with your financial goals and long-term satisfaction. Remember, a well-informed choice will lead to a home that truly fulfills your needs and dreams.

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