Why North facing light is important to your new home. Especially for the winter months!

14 June 2023

It’s crazy that it is June already! Winter is here and it is crucial to remember when planning your new home, that your homes orientation is best when it makes the most of natural sunlight. Properly harnessing the winter sun brings numerous benefits, including increased energy efficiency, enhanced comfort, and a more sustainable lifestyle.

At Diverse Builders, we advise all homes in the planning stage to be positioned on your block of land that will best fit your home to achieve the most benefits all year round. This is completed by designing the position of the main living areas of your home to be towards the North to capture as much sunlight as possible. By aligning your home with the winter sun, you are taking advantage of its free natural heat source for your home. Not only does it have heat advantages but a home with a northern-facing orientation enjoys a constant stream of soft, diffused light throughout the day.

By using passive solar heating techniques in your new home, you can minimise the need for heating systems and artificial lighting resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced utility bills. Embracing the winter sun’s potential aligns with sustainable living principles and contributes to a greener and more environmentally friendly lifestyle. This can be achieved by strategic window placement or alternatively skylights or light tubes if there is external elements blocking natural light into the home.

Proper insulation and thermal mass materials, such as stone or concrete, can also help store and release this heat gradually, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment. Insulation traps heat in and blocks the cold in winter, whilst doing the opposite in summer. This means that even on the coldest days where artificial heating is required you won’t need to run it for long because the heat will be retained in your living spaces.

How energy efficient and sustainable your home will be is a personal choice, but also a great investment for the future and for resale value. Talk to our team about passive home features and techniques you could include in your new home to make you comfortable all year round and with less energy costs.

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